What’s with the Small Plate Movement?

With wellness stretching across the horizon, food movements have come to define the way we eat and live in this millennial age. Joining in the bonhomie created by the vegan, raw vegan, gluten-free, organic, slow food and keto movements is the small plate movement. After evaluating what to eat and what to avoid, the wellness-conscious are now eyeing the plates that they use.

But does plate size really matter for healthy living? Yes…if you are to believe experts and researchers. You can shed 18 pounds or around 8 kilograms over a certain period of time merely by trading a big plate for a smaller one, claim proponents of the small plate movement. The reasoning is plain. If a 12-inch plate can accommodate food heavy with over 800-900 calories, then a 9-inch or a 10-inch plate can limit calorie intake to about 500-550.

Join the Movement

  • Choose not only a small plate, but a small bowl and a small glass as well. Cause a small plate accompanied by a gigantic coffee mug or ice-cream bowl won’t do much good.
  • Do not overload the plate/bowl/mug with food and beverages. Portion size should ideally be 60-70% of the crockery used.
  • Give attention to the food that is being pushed onto the plate. A small plate of pasta with creamy alfredo sauce can do more harm than a large plate of grilled fish or vegetables. Ideally, reserve half the plate for veggies or fruits, one quarter for lean meat or protein and the other quarter for carbs.
  • The small plate movement is especially effective during those occasional visits to fast food restaurants. Adopt the concept at those burger and pizza joints by going in for smaller portions of calorie dense foods.
  • It is crucial to understand that the small plate movement is interlinked with the sustainable, organic and slow food movements. A small plate is effective only if it is filled with the right types of food – locally grown, farm fresh produce, food cooked slow and fibre-rich and nutrient-dense options.

Eat Right, Live Well.


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