The chickpea wonder – Hummus

The millennial pantry essential is a jar of hummus

Hummus dates back to the 12th century and is believed to be conceived in the Mediterranean empire. It is an immaculate blend of garbanzo beans and tahini accompanied by a dash of lime, pinch of salt and a generous dribble of the olive oil.

Hummus in the Mediterranean cuisine

Hummus is believed to have its roots in the Mediterranean kingdoms since the chickpeas are copiously grown, harvested and celebrated in these regions. In Israel and the Arabian countries, it is traditionally served with the Pita bread. Apart from this, the Hummus is hosted in the Mezze platter as an accompaniment to the falafel or kibbeh. Pine-nuts, paprika flakes, cumin powder, olives, mint leaves, sumac and other middle-eastern spices are some of the garnishes that contribute to make the delicious Mediterranean dip.

Contemporary diversity of the classic Hummus

The creamy blend of chickpea and tahini can be transformed to please the palate, heart and soul. Here are a few insights for a makeover of the traditional hummus, you can put together a hot and tangy hummus when blended with some roasted red pepper, a refreshing spread when grinded with some white bean, a crowd favourite when paired with the avocado to create the savoury version and the list never ends. The Hummus is like a wizard’s wand and you can create magic with it.

Hummus for everyone

A five year old loves hummus with some carrots where as an eighteen year old would want it spread over a piece of toast. Hummus can be paired with shakshuka for a lazy Sunday brunch or you can trade in the tomato sauce with some hummus in a pizza. Hummus must be given credits for its versatility as it can be really handy at times. This luscious spread helps one in eating the healthy way as it can be used to substitute mayo and butter in sandwiches, cream in mashed potato creating hummus mashed potato.

Hummus – Maverick’s paradigm of a healthy spread

The Hummus gives you the superhero powers to conquer the demon of hunger pangs and burns the bad cholesterol. It has a lot of fibre, protein, iron and folate which helps your heart in a zillion ways and actively participates in boosting your bone health

Now, this is just the prologue to the world of Hummus.

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