Sustainable Pina Colada

Sustainable cocktails are the buzz this season. From upcycled ingredients to organic produce and a thrust on minimising wastage, mixologists are reimagining classic cocktails and giving them an eco-friendly touch. Akhil Krishnan, food & beverage executive at Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golflinks has reinvented the pina colada by using coconut syrup and cream made in-house, locally sourced pineapples and leveraging the empty pineapple shell to serve the cocktail instead of in a glass!

Here’s the recipe:


120 ml pineapple juice

20 ml coconut syrup

60 ml fresh coconut cream

60 ml white rum

20 gms pineapple chunks

1 pineapple shell

Ice cubes

Cherry for garnishing


  • Blend all the ingredients till smooth. Add ice cubes in the pineapple shell.
  • Pour the blended drink and garnish with fresh pineapple chunks and cherry.





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