Sustainable Cocktails – L’heritage

Sustainability reigns high across the food & beverages industry. With chefs sourcing sustainable ingredients and adopting cooking techniques that reflect the trend, how could bartenders and mixologists be far behind?

Putting together local organic produce, maximising available ingredients, conserving resources and minimising negative impact on the ecology is what contemporary mixologists are often up to. Cocktails are today focused around being harmonious with nature and are often made with recycled ingredients like leftover juices, fruit rinds, seeds, roots, peels and similar parts that would otherwise be discarded into bins.

The skillful Nilotpal Bhattacharyya from R Bar at the Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel has joined the sustainability race by concocting L’heritage, a unique cocktail of cognac, fruity juices and masala chai infused wine reduction which is served in a rocks glass, garnished with loose tea leaves and a toasty with masala chai spread.

Says Bhattacharyya, ‘’our masala chai is one of our highest selling beverages. However used tea leaves always ended up in dustbins. On the other hand, wines oxidize just 24 hours after opening. I decided to combine both and make a reduction that can be used for a drink and also can be stored for a few days. Once the reduction is ready, it is strained and then I further cooked used tea leaves with sugar and water to make a jam. The same is used as a spread on a toasty that acts as a garnish as well as an accompaniment for the drink.’’ 

Here are the ingredients for this sustainable cocktail:

50 ml Cognac

15 ml masala chai infused wine reduction

15 ml lime juice

30 ml pineapple juice

2 dashes of angostura bitters

Pinch of salt

Cheers to eco-consciousness!


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