Spearheading Progressive Nomadic Cuisines

Ever indulged your taste-buds in the foods of the nomads who coursed the seas from Southern India and Sri Lanka to Malaysia? Progressive nomadic food is creating ripples in gourmet dining. Nomadic cuisine from South India and Sri Lanka is rich in raw flavours with sharp tastes that provide a tantalising experience. The food of the wanderers has sustained over the years and has nurtured tribes that traversed new lands, while lapping up unique influences along the way.

And now gearing up to dole out a captivating dining experience to connoisseurs in Bengaluru is Chef Sricharan Venkatesh from one of Kuala Lumpur’s finest dining destinations, Nadodi. “The word ‘Nadodi’ means nomad in Tamil and Malayam. The menu is crafted around authentic food from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka through cooking techniques which you would not have otherwise perceived. What we present is artsy, modern, technique-driven and offers an engaging experience. It’s nomadic cuisine with creative flair that honours nomadic ancestors while charting out a new roadmap ahead.”

Get set to make astonishing discoveries on southern cuisines and savour artisanal creations harnessed from traditional recipes and presented with a contemporary touch.

Indulge in a re-imagined culinary experience. Indulge in Nadodi.







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