Hacks to Crack Buffets

How often have you strolled out of a buffet feeling you should have eaten that over this, or eaten more than you actually did? The feeling of not having gotten your money’s worth is common amongst all buffet regulars.

A must-do feature for dining destinations across the globe, buffets promise a time to eat-all-you-want. But can you really eat all you want? “No” say chefs who state that an average person can at best consume only 350 gms of food at a time.

With varied consumption and storage capacities, buffets can appear heavy on the wallets, while actually being moderate on the stomach. But since they are omnipresent and laid out in the most enticing manner, you can certainly get by with some smart hacks…

1) Never go on an empty stomach. Most individuals will fast for hours to feast at buffets. But this trick boomerangs since you gobble up in a super-quick fashion when excessively hungry, later feeling queasy and overloaded.

2) Buffets are meant for relishing food at a gradual pace, as you take in the pristine environs of the restaurant and indulge in small-talk. If you are short on time, avoid buffets. Think of a buffet as an immersive indulgence with some exotic food, beverages, music and entertainment thrown in; and invest atleast three to four hours.

3) And this means choosing lunch over a dinner buffet. The costs at lunch are 5-10% discounted and the afternoons provide the perfect ambience to soak in the spirit of the buffet, gather in all the aromas, eat, indulge, relax and head out feeling refreshed and recharged.

4) Coming to the food…try and avoid the sodas, fruit juices and beverages. They fill you up quickly, leaving very little space to eat. Take in mini servings of what seems appealing, cherish the food and leave ample time before heading back to the next food station. Moreover, go in for the pricier options, instead of taking what you’d normally eat elsewhere. Ditch the mundane fish for oysters, the starchy potatoes for gourmet cheese, and the chopped fruits for the crème brulee.

5) Space out…between the appetizers, grills, mains and desserts. So you’re not overloaded and still have appetite for more.

Cheers to smart dining!

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