Quinoa Broccoli Cake

Here’s a savoury cake with healthy veggies, ripe avocados, micro greens, fragrant herbs and white wine! An epicurean recipe by Chef Neeraj Tyagi, Director of Culinary, Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity to brighten up your workdays.


Broccoli Cake

Quinoa            200 gm

Broccoli           500 gm

Potato              100 gm

Emmenthal Cheese 100 gm

Onion              50 gm

Garlic              20 gm

Thyme few Sprigs

Butter              15 gm

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Avocado Gel 

Ripe Avocado 200 gm

Liquid Glucose 20 gm

Lemon Juice    10 ml

Salt to taste

Citrus Sauce 

Heavy Cream 200 ml

Onion              20 gm

Leeks               20 gm

Garlic              10 gm

Olive Oil          10 ml

White wine      50 ml

Salt to taste

Zucchini taglia

Zucchini           100 gm

Onion             10 gm

Butter              20 gm

Water              20 ml

Salt to Taste

For Garnish 

Baby pok choy 100 gm

Micro Greens


For Broccoli Cake

  • Wrap the potatoes in an aluminium foil and roast at 160 degree Celsius for 45 minutes. Once done peel and grate the same.
  • Wash quinoa in running water and cook the same in boiling water. Blanch the broccoli florets.
  • Take a pan and sauté finely chopped onion and garlic. Add grated potato to the same and season the mixture well.
  • In a bowl mix grated potatoes, boiled quinoa, blanched broccoli along with grated Emmenthal cheese and season the mixture as required.
  • Mould the above mixture in a round disc with the help of SS mould.
  • Crush the toasted Quinoa and crust the cake on both sides before cutting into half.  Shallow fry the cake in olive oil until golden brown and cook it in a pre-heated oven for 3-4mins at 200 degree celsius.

For Avocado Gel 

Blend all the ingredients to a fine puree. Strain the same and keep it ready in a piping bag.

For Citrus Sauce 

Take onion, leeks & garlic in a pan with olive oil. De-glaze the same with white wine, and add thyme. Add heavy cream and let it simmer for 10mins. Remember to avoid boiling. Strain the mixture, blend and season the sauce.

For Zucchini taglia

Slice the zucchini to get medium thick slices. Make a butter emulsion with the remaining ingredients. Cook zucchini taglia in emulsion.

For Garnishing 

Clean the pok choy, blanch it and finish it above the emulsion. Wash and pat dry the greens for garnish.

For Final Plating

Plate all the components in the centre of a plate and pour hot sauce.  Top it with greens and avocado puree.

Delight your taste-buds with this lip-smacking cake!

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