Ottimo: A Slice of Italy

Italian cuisine is today di moda. Very much in vogue indeed. And by far the most popular. What with 84% foodies across the globe vouching by their pizzas and pastas! Although more synonymous with cheeses like mozzarella and parmesan, herbs like basil and desserts like tiramisu; chefs nowadays are going beyond the obvious and curating menus with distinct flavours and highly refined ingredients. Think about beluga caviar, truffle oil, blue pea tea, candied pumpkin and many more. Offering a fine slice of Italy in the CBD of Bangalore is Ottimo – Cucina Italiana, a place where you can unwind and relax amidst some harmonious tunes, elegant interiors and a highly satiating menu presented by the young and dynamic Chef Chirag Sehgal.


The signature pan-Italian fine-dine at the uber luxe ITC Gardenia Bengaluru, Ottimo, which means ‘’excellent’’ in Italian, provides guests with a holistic approach towards cuisines from different corners of the Mediterranean country. From the snowy mountains and canals of northern Italy to the mediaeval districts of Rome and Naples and to aquamarine coasts of the south, it’s Italy in all its glory. Even though it ensures traditional elements of this vast cuisine remain intact, chefs dish out menus that carry a contemporary touch.


Ottimo is a charmingly-sophisticated destination that beckons guests into its warm cocoon with tunes that elevate the mood. Soothing pastels and hues such as green brighten the spirits, while the minimalist approach to design de-clutters the mind. Paintings and artefacts mirror the serene set-up of the space, allowing guests to partake in some art therapy while they regale themselves with their invigorating meal. Nature brims across the restaurant with micro gardens in jars, while the Ottimo Coat of Arms represents their affair with rustic herbs and woody essences. The open kitchen at the centre enhances the overall appeal of the restaurant, encouraging guests to keenly watch chefs as they go about readying the multiple courses. As rich flavours waft through the air, the sounds of sautéing and frying reverberates to a rhythm and myriad ingredients titillate taste-buds, Ottimo guarantees a pleasurable sensorial indulgence.


Chef Sehgal and his young team that boasts a median age of 25 years are a winning combination in the open kitchen. Any guest’s appetite is piqued by merely reflecting on the 8 courses that are to be served even before trying out any! And when the courses start arriving, it’s time to réjouir. Crafted to perfection with the finest and freshest ingredients, each course is a delight before the next! Take a look:

  • Pickled Granny Smith with winter black truffles, beluga caviar and caramelised onion sauce
  • Fresh Burrata with variants of tomato
  • Yellow fin tuna tartare, Parmesan and dried rose crusted egg yolk, multigrain melba, black garlic, flying fish roe
  • Cauliflower soup with 64% dark chocolate and truffle oil
  • Pumpkin ricotta ravioli tossed in burnt sage butter, candied pumpkin and pumpkin seeds
  • Blue pea tea risotto, fresh berry compote, fresh berries in grape seed oil
  • Atlantic salmon roulade, parsnip puree, celery caper broth and crispy salmon skin
  • Tiramisu 2.0

…and oh yes…the refreshingly chilled orange sorbet in-between the courses adds in a fine balance and cleans the palate before the subsequent courses!

All in all, Ottimo is to be experienced to mark a new chapter in your gastronomic journey.


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