Modak Exotica with Chocolate Chips

September is feasting time in Western India where festivities abound and the sweet, steamed dumpling called modak makes its auspicious appearance. With a supple encasing made from rice flour and a filling of jaggery, coconut, sesame and cardamom; modaks are a delight that need to be savoured.

But as chefs look to outdo one another in their craftiness and innovative spirit, the traditional modak recipe is whirred into multiple contemporary avatars. We chanced upon one such recipe reinvented with chocolate chips and condensed milk, presented by Executive Chef Dinesh Mhatre from Hilton Mumbai International Airport.


45 gms milk

45 gms sweetened condensed milk

100 gms chocolate chips

200 gms mawa

35 gms chopped pistachios


  • Over medium-low heat add milk, chocolate chips and condensed milk to a pan and allow the chocolate to melt while stirring continuously.
  • Add mawa and then the pistachios. Mix well till it turns into a sticky dough.
  • Grease your fingers and moulds with ghee and slowly start shaping the modak using a mould.

Relish the heavenly bite!



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