Fruit Peel Delights: Pachamanga Salad

As 2020 marks a New Beginning, how about putting together an exquisite spread made from fruit peels? Be it a banana peel or a watermelon rind or a mango peel, they often end up in bins, contributing to the food wastage which global estimates peg at a stupendous 1.3 million tons annually!

As the world looks to minimise wastage and move towards being sustainable, we at The Chef Post are levying great thrust on cooking with ingredients that are usually discarded. Traversing the length of India scouting chefs who are eager to work with fruit peels, we reached Kochi and met Sous Chef Sherin from Kochi Marriott Hotel in God’s Own Country who created traditional Kerala recipes with fruit rinds and peels.

Chef Sherin created a salad from the skin of raw mangoes with a good dose of coconut and tamarind dressing. Here’s the recipe of Pachamanga Salad:


50 gms raw mango skin

15 gms onion

10 gms tomato

10 gms coconut

5 gms curry leaves

3 gms dry red chillies

10 ml vinegar

Tamarind Dressing

10 ml tamaring pulp

15 gms jaggery

2 gms black pepper

10 gms salt

20 ml coconut oil


  • Wash and cut vegetables like onions, tomatoes, coconut.
  • Soak raw mango skin in salt water with vinegar for about 30 minutes and then drain and keep aside.
  • Make a dressing with tamarind pulp, jaggery, salt, pepper and oil.
  • Mix the vegetables with the dressing.
  • Sprinkle sautéed curry leaves and red chillies atop the salad.

Relish the delight!

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