Sprucing Up Veggies – Teasel Gourd

A tender tiny cousin to the bitter gourd, teasel gourd is a bright green, oval-shaped vegetable with a mildly spiked rind and a subtle flavour. Available in abundance in India during the monsoons, the teasel gourd boasts of a healthy stream of nutrients, iron, fibre and antioxidants and carries numerous benefits. Besides promoting digestion, reducing infections and maintaining body weight, this wonder veggie enhances heart health and keeps sugar levels in check.

But like the plethora of vegetables which lose their charm when blended into thick gravies or oily curries, the teasel gourd too takes on a gloomy appeal at most dining tables. Unless ofcourse a skilled chef tries to weave some excitement and curates an innovative dish! As the Executive Chef from Swissotel Kolkata, Ashis Rout did by gathering the humble teasel gourd, stuffing it with shrimps, potatoes and spices, frying it to perfection and creating a crunchy appetizer.

Here’s the recipe of Shrimp stuffed crumb-fried Teasel Gourd, a unique creation by Chef Rout.


600 gms teasel gourd

200 gms shrimps

75 gms potatoes

10 gms salt

10 gms turmeric powder

100 gms fresh coconut

50 gms poppy seeds

10 gms curry leaves

200 ml oil

50 gms refined flour

150 gms Panko crumbs


Wash the teasel gourd and gently scoop out the seeds. Blanch the teasel gourd with salt and turmeric. Prepare a stuffing of shrimps, finely chopped potatoes, tease gourd seeds, coconut and spices and stuff the teasel gourds in generous proportions. Make a batter of flour and water, adding a little salt. Dip the stuffed teasel gourds in the batter, followed by a rollover on a bed of crumbs and deep fry till they turn golden brown. Serve with salad and mint sauce.

Relish this spiced crispy on a cold rainy afternoon!

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