Sprucing Up Veggies – Snake Gourd

Ever tasted snake gourd burger? Well…don’t knot your brows in a bewildered manner. If you’re game for some deliciously healthy experimentation, then ditch that hamburger, chicken burger or even a mashed potato burger with extra cheese. Taking wellness-centred culinary innovation to a whole new level is Executive Chef Dinesh Mhatre from Hilton Mumbai International Airport.

Chef Mhatre believes traditional Indian vegetables like the snake gourd need to be reinvented in contemporary styles to make them appealing to today’s millennial clientele, who are forever on the lookout for nutritious twists to fast food options.  A lean serpentine vegetable, the snake gourd is known to detoxify the body, boost the immune system and manage sugar levels owing to its low calorie, nutrient-dense composition.

“This Green Healthy Burger is not just healthy, but it appeals to both the young and the old with a fresh new taste,” says Chef Mhatre. And we cannot agree more as Chef reveals his innovative recipe especially for us.


200 gms snake gourd

80 gms green peas

40 ml olive oil

30 gms chopped onion

30 gms leeks

10 gms chopped garlic

10 gms thyme

Salt, pepper as per taste

For assembling

1 whole wheat burger bun

1 lettuce leaf

1 tomato slice


Caramelised onions

Pickled vegetables


Wash the snake gourd, slice and grill it. In a pan, add olive oil followed by onions, leeks, garlic and sauté. Add crushed green peas, snake gourd, thyme, salt and pepper. Sauté all the ingredients till the mixture runs dry. Shape the mixture into a patty and grill it on a hot plate.

Serving Suggestion

Slice the whole wheat bun in half and toast both halves. Pour some olive oil on the bun. Next, arrange a layer of lettuce, sliced tomatoes and the patty. Top up with caramelised onions and arrange the other half of the bun. Serve with pickled vegetables.


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