Eat Local, Be A Locavore

You’re in the tropics but on the lookout for an Alaskan crab or Norwegian salmon, or some Nordic lingonberries? Why not go local and embrace the fresh produce from nearby farms and markets?

Heralded for its multiple health benefits and for supporting the ecology, the locavore movement is gaining in much traction with chefs. As sustainability emerges as a key value proposition for luxury hotels, several brands are now jumping atop the ‘’locavore movement’’ – which champions locally grown foods. We synced up with two chefs from Bengaluru to know how and why they are increasingly serving local produce to guests.

Here’s a sneak peek into what they say:

Executive Chef Palvinder Singh from Radisson Bengaluru City Centre: ‘’We have tied up with organisations that source local products directly from farmers and from within 200 kilometres of our vicinity. Our menu is also curated with consideration to seasonal ingredients that are available throughout the year. The idea is to provide opportunities to the farming communities while keeping the demand and supply in balance.’’ Chef Singh states that seasonal and fresh produce increases the nutritional and health component of a dish as the vegetables grown under the same sunlight and which have taken the same water as you have trace minerals similar to the ones that you ingest; adding more value to your health. ‘’Our metabolism is more accustomed to locally grown ingredients making it easier to digest. The healthiest way of living and eating has always been to enjoy seasonal produce; as traditionally dishes were eaten depending on what we grew and the weather of a particular place.”

Another chef whom we approached also had a similar take…

Executive Chef Avijit Deb Sharma from Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road sources coffee beans and greens from local plantations and says they grow a variety of produce on the rooftop garden in their hotel: “We have tied up with Woolly Farms to grow lettuce, greens and herbs which are used in our kitchen. Using local produce means relishing fresh food free from preservatives. Imported products come with a substantial carbon footprint and many times they are harvested early and stored in cold storage facilities with preservatives and colours enhancing their appeal. It’s well known that fruits and vegetables are most nutritious when they are harvested fully ripe and consumed early.”

Source local, eat fresh and live healthy as a locavore!

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