Charcoal Martini – A Healthy Cocktail

Healthy cocktails? Actually they are much more than mere oxymorons. Talented mixologists who know their trade can bring in elements of wellness to uplift a cocktail onto the health pedestal. Jack G Son Hangshing from Layla, the awe-inspiring rooftop restaurant at The Den Bengaluru is one such mixologist who gives a healthy twist to a tequila cocktail by concocting the Charcoal Martini.

‘’This cocktail takes on a healthy avatar with the addition of activated charcoal. The flavours from fresh fruits like pineapples, passion fruit and a zest of lime blends perfectly with the tequila gold and charcoal powder to feature a healthy frame to a Nachtmann cocktail glass. The good look is finely finished with rose petals and silver sugar pearl,’’ says Jack as he presents his futuristic drink.


50 ml tequila gold

30 ml fresh pineapple juice

10 ml passion fruit puree

10 ml lemon juice


  • Shake the ingredients well with ice in a shaker, double strain it.
  • Serve in a Nachtmann Cocktail Glass.
  • Garnish with rose petals and silver sugar pearl.


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