Sea Bass&Prawn Tortellini

How about savouring a dish whose flavours, textures and appearance mirror the flora and fauna of the sea? Sounds super exotic? Well…the zucchini scaled Chilean sea bass sous vide, prawn tortellini, carrot panacotta, glass chips & fennel veloute is indeed one mesmerising experience in gastronomy that can transport you straight to seventh heaven!

“When I got to know about the Boiling Point, A Seafood Battle, I started thinking about a dish which could create a feel of the sea and provide a way to interpret the marine life. To replicate this thought onto the plate, we created this dish which has elements that showcase the underwater flavours and appearance. I wanted a dish which would appear as colourful as our underwater life, while using sustainable seafood,’’ says Junior Sous Chef Soni Kumari Rana from ITC Windsor, Bengaluru, who presented this mouth-watering spread at our mega event.

The Chilean sea bass, also called as the Patagonian Toothfish, carries immense health benefits. It is a great source of protein and vitamin D, and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Prawns meanwhile are contain selenium, an effective antioxidant and help build immunity levels. ‘’That’s why we decided to go with these two options. As they are both healthy and sustainable,” says Chef Rana.

What’s even more unique is that the sea bass was re-scaled with zucchini slices. “Fish is usually scaled before being cooked. My idea was to re-scale it using zucchini. Thinly sliced zucchini was arranged on the skin of the Chilean sea bass and then sous vide with flavours of fresh fennel. This enhanced the appeal of the dish and ensured the delicate flavour of the zucchini accentuated the fish.”

Even more interesting is how Chef Rana and team made the prawn tortellini. She says the prawns were pounded into a paste with seasoning, spread thin in a zip-lock back and poached in water. “Once a thin prawn sheet was made, it was shaped into tortellini with a stuffing of prawns, pickled lemon, bird eye chilli and fresh fennel fronds. The tail was attached and steamed.”

This exotica remains incomplete without a mention of the carrot pannacotta. The creamy dessert brought in a diverse range of colour, flavour and richness to the dish, which was served with glass chips crafted from potatoes.

Now…this takes culinary innovation to a whole new level!

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