Scallops&Mackerel in a Box

For chefs from Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel, one of the newest luxury properties in the IT city, innovation in food is second nature. And if it’s seafood, the team throws open their enthusiastic spirit to not just craft out intriguing delicacies, but to present them in the most awe-inspiring manner.

At the Boiling Point 2019, Renaissance chefs presented a dish which reflected upon the seafood culture of indigenous India, and took inspiration from the ocean that surrounds the country on three sides. Treasures of the Indian Ocean incorporated simple cooking techniques with a contemporary approach of service and an out-of-box presentation style.

Says Executive Chef Sandeep Kumar, “the two unique aspects of the dish was the way it was presented to guests and the indigenous elements from the ingredients to the inspiration behind the dish. The whole theatrical affair of opening a box of mystery with your meal inside is quite fun and an unexpected experience.’’

For this dish presented in a metallic box, fresh mackerel and scallops were procured from the Kasimedu Royapuram fish market in Chennai, one of the most famous markets in India. The fish was marinated in yoghurt and a seasoning of lime juice, chilli and ginger-garlic paste, then folded in banana leaves; and finally layered onto a bed created from wet garden soil to cook the fish on. The fish was cooked atop charcoal for about 35 minutes and then placed in a hot metallic box to be cooked for another 25 minutes till tender and soft.

“The inside of the metallic box was lined with sand and white pebbles which were heated upto 400°C and placed inside the box like a volcanic ocean bed. The ingredients along with their freshness and quality were made to shine in this dish as they were marinated and cooked using uncomplicated methods for the taste buds to really appreciate the textures and natural flavours of the locally procured seafood,” says Chef Kumar.

Now this is something super exotic!!

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