Smoked Broccoli Cappucino

With the scorching summer still reigning supreme in the subcontinent, the last thing you’d ever want to do is to entrap yourself within the stuffy confines of a hot kitchen. And spend hours trying to cook up an elaborate 3-course meal while sweat beads line your forehead. Summer’s the season to whip up some light, refreshing and nutritious dishes that don’t really eat into your time. And a great way to ensure a hearty but light meal is by concocting a veggie-rich cold soup, a perfect accompaniment to a hot and humid afternoon.

We asked Chef Karthikeyan K from the JW Marriott Chandigarh for a cold soup suggestion and he obliged us by sharing the recipe of the Smoked Broccoli Cappucino, a chilled presentation of the nutrient dense broccoli which increasingly finds its way into Indian kitchens, and a host of flavourful herbs like celery and thyme.


100 gms broccoli

20 gms vanilla foam

2 gms each of celery, fresh thyme, rose wood, chopped leeks and garlic

10 gms cooking butter

5 gms onion

Salt to taste


Add butter, minced garlic, chopped leeks and fresh thyme to a pan. Add chopped broccoli and sauté for about 5 minutes on a slow flame. Next, smoke the broccoli with rose wood and then keep it in the chiller for a while. After it has chilled considerably, grind it to a smooth paste, strain and pour into a soup cup. Top it with vanilla foam and serve with crunchy basil seed lavash.

Relish with this rejuvenating and wholesome soup!

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