Workplace Snacking

Whether you work 9-to-5, 3-to-11, or 7-to-3, food distraction is a part-and-parcel of your job. And so is a belly bulge, cholesterol and diabetes. If your work desk is brimming with multi-hued candies, potato crisps in various flavours and cookies and biscuits in every size and shape, it’s perhaps time to relook and re-stock your desk with healthier alternatives. And we’re not talking carrot or cucumber sticks here.

Banana with honey

…and some crunchy nuts. It doesn’t take a lot to load the work station with a few bananas, a handful of nuts and a small bottle of honey. When hunger pangs rise, head straight to the pantry and grab a bowl, a spoon and a knife to chop the fruit and nuts. Drizzle in some honey and relish the hearty snack. Roasted almonds taste especially great with the banana-honey combo.

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of iron, zinc, fibre and good fats. When you purchase a pumpkin, remember to keep aside the seeds. De-skin them and roast them on a pan with a slight drop of homemade ghee and salt to taste. This crunchy snack can then be stocked into an air-tight container and kept in the cubicle drawer.

Walnut-date bites

You can buy them off a retail shelf or do-it-yourself. Coarsely grind de-seeded dates with walnuts and a little honey and then bind them into small balls that make for a superbly healthy, delicious munch. You could possibly roll them into desiccated coconut for an added taste.

Eat smart as you work your days in office!

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