Homemade Rose Petal Jam

If early morning breakfasts are getting mundane with the same old marmalade, jam, maple syrup or honey to go with your toast, how about slathering the bread with a thick layer of rose petal jam?

Rose petal jam or gulkand is a preservative-free, homemade spread of fresh rose petals, sugar, honey, cardamom and is heralded for its Ayurvedic benefits. It helps in digestion, improves appetite, reduces body heat, protects against heatstroke and produces a cooling effect on the body.

In India, gulkand is made at home, bottled up in jars and eaten especially in the summers by adding a dollop to a glass of milk, or by using it as a natural sweetener in desserts, milkshakes and smoothies, or by layering it on betel leaf based mouth fresheners.

Here is an easy gulkand recipe that requires no cooking and can be preserved for a couple of months.

2 cups of rose petals, washed and patted dry
1 cup sugar
1tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp honey

In a glass jar, spread a layer of rose petals followed by some sugar, honey and cardamom. Arrange another layer of rose petals and top it up with the sugar-honey-cardamom combination till the ingredients are over. Cover the jar with the lid and place it directly in sunlight for upto 10 days. Every alternate day, mix the gulkand with a dry spoon, before keeping it again in sunlight. The gulkand is ready after 10 days.

Enjoy the floral spread!

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