How To Sushi!

How to Sushi!

There’s a certain amount of beauty when something is done right! The World Cuisine is extremely demanding in this regard and a number of different elements must be considered before exploring a cuisine. An Aloo Paranta is incomplete without the tangy achaar and raita, Pasta is best relished with a slice of evenly roasted garlic bread and a luscious burger undoubtedly makes a messy meal. These are no stringent rules but discoveries made over the years.

Asian countries are an epitome of culture, and their food culture is no exception. One such country that proudly wears its culinary evolution on its sleeve is Japan. It has umpteen cuisine genres and each has a special way of cooking and eating them – be it the Kaiseki, Omakase or the world famous Sushi. This feature of The Chef Post will help you make all the right decisions as you prepare for your first Sushi dinner.


The word Sushi literally means ‘sour tasting’. It is vinegared rice with other ingredients such as raw fish, steamed vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. However, the contemporary Japanese sushi has little resemblance to the traditional fermented rice dish. During the early 17th century, the fermented fish was consumed and the rice, discarded. However, over these years, the Japanese have started using vinegar to bring the sourness to the rice too, instead of leaving the rice to naturally ferment. This makes the rice flavorful and healthy. Now the rice is consumed along with fish. A Sushi is often served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Of all the Japanese delicacies, Sushi is the most famous worldwide and one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese themselves.

Following the belief of native Japanese, one cannot appreciate sushi if it isn’t eaten right. We have listed down a few tips to help you take your first step towards a sushi dinner.

The Basics

As the first impression is a lasting one, pick the restaurant right. Leave no stone unturned in your quest to the right sushi experience. With unlimited sources of information and reviews, this mustn’t be a difficult task. Further, read up about the different kinds of sushi. Most places should be able to plate a portion of sashimi, nigari, maki and temaki; the most common sushi recipes.

One at a time

Sushi is most often made in bite-sized portions making it easy to eat a whole sushi at a time. As you relish it, pay attention to the flavors and texture. You may be surprised with how mild and tender the fish is.

Gari – the gingery secret

Eating fish back to back may lead your taste buds to fish exhaustion. Gari, the ginger pickle resets your palate for another round of sushi. Gari is how you refresh your mouth in between sushi.

Wasabi and Soy Sauce – the soul of sushi

The pungent Wasabi and soy sauce compliment the low key flavours of a sushi-like none. The spice of the wasabi and the sourness of the soy sauce add the right edge to an elaborate meal. Relish sushis smeared in sauce or dip it in a wasabi but never both at a time, for that makes you the one with no discipline.

Fish – A Japanese constant

Sushi is a great treat for fish lovers. But as we are talking about eating raw fish, it is important to be shrewd about the quality of fish that goes in it. Fresh fish is odorless and so is a good sushi.

The penultimate step – the one before falling in love with Sushi

When you are in a restaurant it is important to maintain the sushi eating etiquettes. The Japanese embrace the tradition of dining with the bare hand and it’s a humble act that cannot go wrong.

We hope these steps help you relish a sushi for all its greatness. Happy sushi dinner folks!

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