Spearheading Progressive Nomadic Cuisines

Ever indulged your taste-buds in the foods of the nomads who coursed the seas from Southern India and Sri Lanka to Malaysia? Progressive nomadic food is creating ripples in ...


September 6, 2019

Ssaffron – Incredibly Indian

Walk into any Indian restaurant and you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the aroma of spices and flavours that emanate from the kitchen. Being one of the most dynamic cuisines ...
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September 6, 2019

Basil Seeds – The Indian Chia Seeds

Get over chia seeds. Basil seeds are around in abundance. And cost a fraction of what their more popular cousin costs in the market. Black, sesame sized and tear-shaped, ...

Food Movements

August 29, 2019

Eat Local, Be A Locavore

You’re in the tropics but on the lookout for an Alaskan crab or Norwegian salmon, or some Nordic lingonberries? Why not go local and embrace the fresh produce from nearby ...

Wine & Cocktails

August 13, 2019

Wine Talk with Abhay Kewadkar

Winemaking is second nature for Mr.Abhay Kewadkar. A veteran winemaker, consultant and wine connoisseur credited for revolutionising the nascent but fast-evolving wine market ...